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Whether your goal is to address needs in your community or permanently fund your favorite causes or organizations, Foundation For The Carolinas offers expert guidance, personalized service and local resources to help you establish your philanthropic legacy. 

How to Establish Your Planned Gift

Meet with the Foundation For The Carolinas team and your advisors to discuss your philanthropic goals. Together, we can explore how you envision your gift helping your community, determine which assets you plan to give and discuss whether you would like to involve your family. 

How To Get Started

Explore the Possibilities

There are many ways you can create a lasting impact through a planned gift. If you have a specific organization or cause you want to support, then a designated fund or field of interest fund may be ideal. If you want to help ensure the vibrancy of your community, consider a legacy gift to your local regional affiliate. If you would like to entrust your gift to Foundation For The Carolinas to address unexpected or changing needs in your community, an FFTC Community Impact Fund may be right for you.

And if your goal is to pass on the tradition of philanthropy to the next generation, you can establish a donor advised fund and name family members as successor advisors. We will work with you and your family to identify shared values and ensure they are honored by future generations.  

Planned Giving Overview

Choose Your Giving Option
FFTC Donor Advised Funds

FFTC Donor Advised Funds offer a flexible platform for legacy planning, providing you the opportunity to include family members as you build your philanthropic legacy.

About Donor Advised Funds

FFTC Designated Funds

FFTC Designated Funds support the good work of the nonprofits you designate, often in perpetuity.

About Designated Funds

FFTC Field of Interest Funds

FFTC Field of Interest Funds allow FFTC to use your gift to address the needs of a specific area of community life or geography and ensure that your charitable vision remains relevant over time.

FFTC Community Impact Funds

FFTC Community Impact Funds give FFTC the flexibility to use your unrestricted gift to address changing community needs and maintain the spirit of your gift in perpetuity.

FFTC Scholarship Funds

FFTC Scholarship Funds support students by providing grants for educational purposes and give you the ability to designate a specific academic discipline, institution or eligibility criteria.

About Scholarship Funds

FFTC Charitable Trusts

FFTC Charitable Trusts are effective vehicles that provide income or assets for you or your family, while also creating a charitable legacy through a permanently endowed fund at FFTC.

About Charitable Trusts

Establish Your Future Gift

Wills or Trusts: Include specific language in your will or trust naming a fund at FFTC as the beneficiary of a testamentary gift. You can specify a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate. Your estate receives a charitable deduction equal to the value of your gift.

Retirement Plan Assets: Name FFTC as the beneficiary of your retirement funds (e.g. IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) plans) to reduce or eliminate taxes completely and make a significant impact in your community. 

Life Insurance Policies: Make a gift of life insurance either by irrevocably designating FFTC as the owner and beneficiary of the policy or by designating FFTC as a beneficiary of all or a portion of its proceeds.  

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Make a future gift to a fund at FFTC while retaining income payments for yourself (and/or others) for life or a fixed number of years. You receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction in the year the gift is made or, in the case of testamentary CRTs, reduce your overall estate tax liability while benefiting the community and causes you care about in the future. 

Charitable Lead Trusts: Make a current gift of income payments to your fund at FFTC while retaining the right for the principal to be returned to you (and/or others) upon your death or after a fixed number of years. You may receive a tax deduction and/or reduce your overall estate tax liability.

Information provided is general in nature. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal or tax advice. Foundation For The Carolinas does not provide legal or tax advice.

Sample Bequest Language

The following is sample bequest language that can be used to include a planned gift to Foundation For The Carolinas in your estate plan. Always consult your attorney before executing a new will or other estate planning document.

“I give to Foundation For The Carolinas, a North Carolina non-profit corporation, the sum of _________________ Dollars and no/100 ($______________.00), in cash or in kind, [could include a stated percentage or fraction of estate instead] for the benefit of [John and Jane Smith Endowed Fund], an endowed fund to be created pursuant to that certain fund agreement executed by me [and/or my spouse] during my/our lifetime(s).”

Please contact Rosalind Taylor if you or your attorney have any questions or would like to discuss your specific planned gift.

Document Your Charitable Intent

Whatever your vision for the future of your community, a charitable fund at FFTC can help make it a reality. You may wish to name an existing FFTC fund in your estate plan or make arrangements for a fund to be established with a legacy gift upon your death. Whatever your goals, we will work with you today to plan for the stewardship of your future philanthropic gifts.


Schoolteacher Makes Lasting Impact

Nell Rose Bates serves as a shining example of an unlikely philanthropist who created a unique and powerful legacy.


Entrepreneur Supports Animals

Charlotte businesswoman Katie Tyler works tirelessly to improve the lives of animals. That’s why she entrusted her community foundation with a planned gift.


Sisters Create Legacy Gift

Katherine and Jane McKay had no children of their own, so they chose to create planned gifts to support their community, their church, education, and animals.


The Art of Legacy

During their lifetimes, Donald and June Prigmore lovingly assembled an art collection and instilled in their daughter, Chris, a passion for the arts and a commitment to community. With her planned gift, Chris honors her parents' legacy and charts her own philanthropic path.


Have you already included Foundation For The Carolinas in your estate plan? Please be sure to let us know. 704.998.6412 or philanthropy@fftc.org