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Investing in Nonprofits

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FFTC manages dozens of competitive grant programs that invest in communities throughout our region. Nonprofits are invited to apply for grants from these programs. Programs vary in grant size, application process and funding priorities.

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Food Service Recovery Grants

Foundation For The Carolinas and the City of Charlotte partnered to launch the Access to Capital Food Service Recovery Grant Program thanks to $4 million in federal CARES Act funding. Grants of either $10,000 or $25,000 are being awarded to restaurants, bars, food trucks, caterers and music venues located within the Charlotte city limits.

Arts, Culture & Creativity Fund

Foundation For The Carolinas, Charlotte is Creative, Hue House and the Arts & Science Council have announced the Arts, Culture & Creativity Fund. With a total investment of $3 million from Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte, the grantmaking fund will directly invest in and impact individual artists/creatives, as well as arts, science and history nonprofit organizations experiencing COVID-related challenges.

Application Process

Eligible Organizations

Eligible organizations for competitive grantmaking programs include:

  • 501(c)3 nonprofits
  • Congregations
  • Governmental institutions
  • Educational institutions

If the organization conducting the project does not meet these criteria, you can apply for a grant under the fiscal sponsorship of an eligible organization.

    Funding Restrictions

    Requests typically not funded through our discretionary grants programs:

    • Capital campaign requests
    • Debt retirement/deficit funding
    • Direct support of individuals (e.g. scholarships, hardship)
    • Duplication of existing programs or services by new organizations
    • Endowment funds
    • Travel and conferences
    • Publication of books
    • Projects that are typically the funding responsibility of federal, state or local government
    • Sponsorships or fundraisers

    Requests ineligible for funding through our discretionary grants programs:

    • Projects that promote specific political or religious views
    • Political or lobbying activities
    How To Apply

    Step 1: Determine alignment
    Before applying, please review our grant program investment areas and geographic guidelines. Visit the Online Grants Center to determine if your work aligns with one or more programs.

    Step 2: Complete the online application
    Once you select a grant program, the application will request information about the needs your organization will address, how you will evaluate results and your budget, including other funding sources. 

    Step 3: Grant applications reviewed
    Your grant application will be reviewed by staff, a committee and/or a board of directors. During this process, our team may request more information or conduct a site visit. Program staff will notify you when to expect a decision.

    Step 4: Award and decline decisions made
    A final decision about your grant is made by the board or committee. Your organization may receive full or partial funding, or we may decline to fund your project. You will receive notification of the decision in writing or by phone.

    Step 5: Reporting on the grant’s results
    If your grant is approved, recipients are required to submit a report to help measure the impact of the program, and to confirm that the funds were used for the intended purpose.

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    Supporting the Needs of Immigrants

    The Ginter Foundation, a grant program at FFTC, provided funding to International House to create a law clinic to support the needs of immigrants in our community.